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#101904 - When we made it to my parents car, Ms Higgins, said she had to get back to class, and that raven should to, she said ok, but before she left, she turned to me before I could say anything, she was kissing me hard on the lips, I just stood there, she broke off and ran back into the school, I saw her smile and blush hard when she turn. “My father kicked em out and said I needed to live a normal life, (did I forget to mention she was the richest girl in school?)and I have nowhere to live, and all he left me was a million dollars, I look taken aback for a second before I said something I shouldn’t have said, “well you could live at our boarding house until you can get on your feet. She helped me up, and we walked the rest of the way to school but I couldn’t get rid of the killer headache she gave me.

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