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#15994 - Farrah collapsed as her orgasm came to a stop i felt my cock finally shoot its last rope and shrivel up. We have practiced for hundreds hours to perfect our game and now were in the final four I'm a Langston Bear but we're the Langston Bears and its our time to shine and you can handle that without me That was an unnecessarily long unneeded speech Mike said I was feeling inspirational, but do yall get what im saying there were a lot of head nods now I'm gonna go home and sleep I've been fucking yalls bitches all day and I'm wore out I got a lot of mock punches and jabs and a bunch of smiles finish it up and go home or go get laid relax you got two weeks I walked off the ice and out of the building and went home feeling tired but excited that my team believed in me as much as I believed in them.

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