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#357498 - I would like to propose a toast, Dean Litton announced, here's to everyone who made last year one of the best in the history of our company, without all of you, none of this would have been possible!!! Hear, hear, someone from the back of the room shouted, and another started singing the refrain from For He's A Jolly Good Fellow!, which was followed by a standing ovation!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Dean replied a little sheepishly, now, let's have some desert so we can get down to some serious partying!!! After another smattering of applause, Dean sat down and Marjorie, his wife of thirty three years, squeezed his hand and whispered, That was a very nice speech, honey, I think everyone is having a wonderful time!!! Yeah, he replied, this is about the best company party we've ever had, but last year sales were terrific, so it should be a happy time!!! Those words were to be far less than prophetic, as within a matter of seconds five me

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