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#353676 - 5 years earlier David and Susan Jones shared a bedroom till they were about 10 years old and nudity was no big deal around the Jones family home. He heard a skin slapping and a barely recognizable female voice, muffled as if through a blanket, saying, OH God! Oh God! fuck me harder! Cum in me! make me feel your juices hot in me! You're making me cum!! Don't stop!! I'm cummmmming!!! Then a male almost sounding like a caricature of a pirate, AAAAARRRRGGGHHH David was surprised to find that his sisters hand was wrapped around his cock pulling and pushing on it. His lips opened and her tongue slowly slipped out to lick his lower lip then touch the tip of his tongue.

Read Reverse [Ozoukin Shibori 2 (Ozouni)] Shirase-kun-chi no Maid-san [Chinese] [Digital] Star Shirasechi no Maid-san

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