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#312810 - To save explaining i was heading to the nude end i just pointed in the general dirrection, Ohh the nudie end ! with a smile and slight rise of her eyes, then for a split second a hungry look flashed over her face, I blushed again and stood . It was then i knew who i was spending the night with. now exhausted , i lost count of time, all i remember was opening my eyes as he released me, then the sound of Peta's voice, as she guided me to my shaky feet, cum flowed down my legs i looked down and the sight of so much cum dripping from my crotch it was unbelievable, Shaky and a little light headed, i stummbled in the dark shadows that were forming as the sun disappeared behind the sand dunes, Peta took my hand and i felt a nudge and growl from behind , a small nip on my naked behind soon had me move forward, Tiny herded me through the dunes, pushing me in the direction of the car park, naked, cum running down my legs, he just kept nudging me, if i stopped or tried to change dirrecti

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