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#385834 - David's cock was hard now as he turned to see the stunning brunette with beautiful double D breasts standing in front of him! He ran his hands up her belly to feel Rebecca's nipples which were standing on end, apparently He wasn't the only one enjoying himself! His hand left her breasts and gripped her arse lifting her up and eased her onto his cock. His wifes breasts were'nt the best they were quite small with petite nipples, this didn't matter anyway because the breasts on his mind weren't his wifes! David's wife finished breastfeeding and rounded up their other two little boys as she was heading out to see her family who had flown out that morning! David waved and kissed them bye from thier giant front door. Before turning round he replied Hello Rebecca and his hands followed down the belly of Rebecca to feel a well trimmed tuft of pubic hair, his middle finger ran down the center of this mass of hair and it was then he felt the clit he k

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