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#218823 - When she asks if she’ll see me tonight, I blow her off with, “Not likely; I was just here tonight to pick up some spare change” but seeing the hurt look in her eyes, I apologize, look down and involuntarily let a tear fall on the table before telling her my story of yesterday from happiness strolling hand in hand with Paul in Lake City to “abandonment” by Paul to destruction of my beloved Toyota, to now. A lot of the long-haulers are pretty needy by the time they get here and can be pretty generous if you give them what they want. The feeling and movement of his cock deep up inside me as he walks around the pool with me impaled, yet hugging his shoulders and kissing his throat is beyond description and I begin a series of mini-orgasms, each of which he acknowledges by gently turning my face upward and kissing my closed eyelids.

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