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#38382 - Paradise… it was her private paradise… this place he had taken her to and yes, left her… They had arrived late on Friday… The expectation of spending some time with him, drew her week into an endless array of hours and minutes that took their time in passing. A shooting star… Her body had tightened thinking that he was going to say… going to say those several terrible little words… got to go… This morning when she woke, she found him dressing… he did speak those words, but with a promise to return… She smiled, knowing that each moment he was gone she would ponder his absence… needing to be close to him and jealous of all those who had his attention instead of she… Now she stood on the balcony, looking out… waiting and watching for his return. It was more than all that and yet, so simple… He cared.

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Claire redfield
Absolutely fantastic hentai bettie just absolutely incredible
Kinu himuro
Damn that doesn t sound good hope you re able to find happiness again stay strong trooper