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#219240 - I open the front door and see a bald headed man with a grey beard that looks old enough to be my grandfather, I invite him inside as he looks at me wearing just my underpants with my small hard cock trying to poke out. I could feel that her cunt had been stretched and was still full of men's cum, I kept pumping my cock into her bald cum filled cunt trying to fuck her as hard as I could. As my cock twitches it begins squirting my cum into her mouth, as I squirt another load into her mouth I watch the cheeks of her mouth swell due to having a mouth full of cum, when she swallows everything she has inside her mouth, I watch as the cheeks of her mouth collapse as she sucks harder trying to get the next load of my cum out of my cock.

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Suzuha amane
Very good girl
Mea kurosaki
She s so hot