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#96222 - As the hour was almost over James came in lauriens mouth filling her stomach with cum and stood up you did good sis now go downstairs and help your mother prepare for the party he says as she nods and went downstairs are you holding a party sir ? Brian asks as he now had Laura in doggy position pounding away yeah but not really it's just to get Lisa here so I can make her mine he says as Brian nods as he feels himself almost cumming James stands next to him I will let you cum a lot so you can cover your own daughter in a nice thick layer of cum you can't cum in her because I plan to breed her okay ? he says as Brian nods and pulls out of her Laura turns over smiling as he starts to cum al over her starting from her stomach up to her hair she was covered complete in cum like she was gangbanged by 20 men ,she feels the warmth on her and looks up to them thank you daddy for the cum and thank you master for letting my daddy fuck me she says smiling you are welcome now clean yours

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