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#285592 - A copy of her was at his side, leaking her milk over his chest and with her mouth on his neck, he sat on a third copy who was similarly leaking and massaging his shoulders. 'You bragged to me that you can get it up, Shiro' another friend piped up 'I can, it's just I'm having some trouble right now but-' he was cut off 'I think I see what's going on here, you're sad that you're impotent and thinking of all those things you can't do now, well don't worry, you were never going to do them anyway' before he could reply his other friend piped up again. 'It might be because the cocksleeve on his rig was made when he was erect and doesn't fit anymore' he babbled 'I had the same problem once I became impotent where the extra small was too big but they make them to order and I think they're even stocked on the main site now'.

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I was expecting it dissapointed too
She got a better swing than the guy
Wow amazing just amazing
Akitsu maru
I didn t cum so i m good