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#236528 - Julia said the school will close early Friday as it was the start of half-term, she wanted to take me somewhere, we kissed and she went to her teachers meeting, l hoped she didn’t sit next to Lynda the Art teacher and discuss their pupils. I slowed my rhythm to a stop and put Lyn onto her back with her head over the edge of the bed then stood over her, she knew what was to come and opened her mouth, l slid my cock to the back of her throat, her lips tightened around my shaft and Lyn began sucking my cock hard, l spread her pussy with my tongue at the same time as l began fucking her mouth. She raised her bum allowing me to grip her hips so l could drive my cock faster and harder up her arse hole, l reached around to take hold of her tits swinging back and forth l squeezed them hard then opened the flood gates to fill Julia’s arse hole with a full sticky load, she threw her head back letting out a loud shriek and began panting trying to catch her breath.

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