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#160803 - I groan. And I discover the same feeling from me to him, I loved him. He put their legs side by side between mine, gently, used his knees to push mine by opening my compass and leting him see my buttock open wide to receive his weapon, he bended on my ass again, penetrating it with his middle finger, and kissing and kissing, weting it more everytime, his warm breath excited me a lot, I tried to open my ass as a wide door to let him see my excitation and asking he to go into, he separate my legs, bend my knees and colocated my ass to his penis height, my chest rest on the carpet and my face was loking thru the window, if a neighbor were out could see our sex position since the garden, i don't take care of that but Benny do, He stands up and close the curtains.

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