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#262157 - My first time part 2 My name is Samantha and this is the story of my third animal encounter, I am now 14, and I met a guy on the net who was 19 and a virgin and he the second biggest dick I had every seen, the biggest dick I have ever seen and felt belong to the one man I have not been able to root Raymond Norman, I had been able to jerk him off when I was like 11 but always wanted to go all the way with him, and Ray is so sweet and caring and has a hot muscular body and so dreamy, I almost Cumming just thinking about him now. I could hear a voice Sam, Sam wake up are you ok? My eyes flew open Blake was sitting on the bed I just got in, I thought you got back hours ago? I questioned no just now he said, I thought it must have been a dream, I got up to have a shower with Blake as I did I could feel cum pouring out of me fuck that dream made me wet I thought, as I walked across the room, it must have just been a dream I thought, Tank ran up to my naked body stuck his head to my

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