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#238233 - We decided one night while our parents were asleep to go get thier beer and have some fun and drink a little and play some cards, I was young and the only thing I knew how to play was go fish, they tried to teach me to play strip poker but i always lost and was the only one that had to get naked everytime I would lose and get naked my step brother would get this look on his face and I knew he wanted what he was looking at when I was naked I didnt think he would ever do anything cause he was my step brother and he was two years older then me. We continued our affair under the rader at my dads house for about another year until one night we were in the middle of hot passionate love making and my older brother walked in a cought us, I tried to play it off as if I didnt know he was there but I noticed him out of the corner of my eye sitting in the rocking chair enjoying what he was watching a little to much, But the story involing him is a completely different fun story. Afte

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