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#7828 - Pretty sure this is your first time but you aren't even gagging, u are born a slut; mike After 20mins of fucking my throat and slapping me hard, he stopped and asked me to on all fours he want to fuck my ass hard. Thank you for reading, need motivation to continue let see how the whole families bond. Suck it hard before I slap you hard slut ; mike Held his cock with my hand, oh it was very big, I see you like it, he say, Now lick it slut; Mike Never seen myself as gay before but I wanted his cock badly want to lick and suck it, I lick the tip down, so big, can see he was loving it cos he was getting hard and then it was hard as a rock 10 inches long , then he force his dick into my mouth, it was so big I couldn't breath, as he kept going deep and hard into my throat as he kept slapping.

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Chocolate misu
Sorry to disappoint everyone but she said we need more time but i want to say thank you to every one of you guys for helping me and motivate me kinda sad i get help from strangers online then actual people in my life and i also wanna give a big thanks to mr robbie oz for also showing me and you guys the right positions thanks again guys
Princess sapphire
Horrible technique both clearly need more practice