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#181242 - ) after which i slid my tongue into her pussy and just began eating her out nothing out of the ordinary. ) But eventually it ended up with him laying on his back telling me that i should suck him off because i would enjoy it I eventually started sucking his cock (which was 6 inches) he pulled me all the way down on his cock as all 6 inches went down my throat i gagged and choked alot because i couldnt breathe (i gagged on three) after about 10 seconds he let me up and began to rub my cheeks then he told me to lay on my stomach so i did. I brought her up to my room layed her down and kissed her neck then nibbled on her ear (that makes her VERY horny) I pulled her shirt off (her being a virgin and not wanting to do ANYTHING sexual i had to talk for at least 10 minutes to get her to) After that i took her bra off cooeing her telling her that if she trust me to let me do as i please i started kissing her neck and slowly moved down to her tits i sucked on each for about 5 minutes then i st

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Korekiyo shinguji
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