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#19709 - After a while out of begging and pleading I was aloud over when I got there Nick turned around and said you managed to get over here and I said yea , me and Carrie had to do homework and nick cleaned the house after a while I had stayed with him and then me and him and Carrie had gone into the playroom and laid down and watched as he played playstashon, I was laying next to him Carrie had said kiss her and he did after a while me and nick went outside and on the side of the house I was cold so he put his arms around me and we started kissing and grinding to one another we didn’t let go of each other for over 30 min. I then went home and IM’d him on my computer and we would talk forever about what we wanted to do to each other.

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Rachel gardner
Wait this isn t a rick roll
Kyouhei kuga
Good job i like it
Got damn probably whe whole bed is on cum