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#322347 - She held my dick up with her right hand then for a final cleaning took one long slurp from balls to tip. This was all turning me on so much, the fact that we were skipping class, hidden away in a bathroom stall, relentlessly going at it that I took my thumb and forced it at the entrance of her asshole then started to just shove the tip of my thumb inside the hole, which she must’ve never done before because she let out a loud audible moan as I did and I had to hold my left hand at her mouth to keep her quiet, which actually kinda turned on the both of us ‘cause it was assertive of my dominance. She started to make small moans and had to stop herself by sexily biting her lip then moving her body further back on my dick, just letting me know that she loved what I was doing.

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Ayako mitsuzuri
Fucking love riely shes such a babe x
Very hot hentai love all that hot cum