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#1742 - I don’t know which one of us was the most breathless but neither one spoke till my cock slipped from her dribbling spunk fill pussy, l rolled onto my side took some tissues from a box beside the bed and gave them to Molly, she thanked me but declined the tissues saying the sensation of me running out of her, she wanted to remember. We sat in a booth with me in the middle, l was really enjoying myself, my mother-in-law Molly was letting her hair down and Jodie couldn’t give a fuck because she was out to have a good evening, Molly went to the ladies, Jodie placed her hand onto my leg and asked if l liked the view when she was in her bedroom l was drunk enough to reply she had a lovely figure, Jodie gave a naughty grin telling me if lm good she’ll give me a better view, her hand was now almost on my crutch, but she quickly moved it when Molly returned, l think Molly knew something happened by the look she gave Jodie. We ordered our food which was going down well with the wine, throughou

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Damn her missionary game on point loved it