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#37169 - Not sure of what it was she slipped her hand under the covers to investigate, and to her utter surprise she found her hand wrapped around a very large erection! Phil was sleeping, but upon her touch he was roused awake, causing Becky to freeze!!! While Phil was still caught between sleep and awake, he automatically ground his penis against her hand, and while Becky had never felt a cock this big, she involuntarily felt a flutter in her pussy! Now fully awake, Phil asked softly, Becky, is that you? Yes, she whispered hoarsely!!! Will you help me, he asked? She didn't even answer his question, instead she pulled back the quilts and slid the huge boner into her hungry mouth, evoking a long slow groan from deep in Phil Grove's throat. Becky offered to feed him his supper if he felt up to it, and after thanking her, he told her that that would be nice.

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