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#220938 - Tina then took a riding crop from the table and lightly touched his back making him arch away from her, oh Matt come on you wanna play with me don't you, you wanna be a good boy for me now don't you?, YOU CRAZY BITCH WHATS WRONG WITH YOU LET ME GO AND I WON'T CALL THE COPS! he screamed Time stood infront of him now and smacked his chest had with the crop, you be my good little boy and I won't hurt you much but if you don't play well with mommy she'll punish you with her cock, when she said that she ground the strap-on into him crotch hard, he shuddered. He thought to himself man is she hot, I wouldn't mind having a piece of that. Tina pulled the door open and invited him into the house.

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Deseo cogerte
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Love this baby