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#60162 - I’m not alone when saying I as a reader stop reading a story when it’s clear the story has stopped being about anything other than ‘who’s next. And don’t be fooled - longform erotica CAN just be about sex, and shortform erotica CAN focus primarily on characters, it’s just not that common. I would rather read a story about Larry getting together with Monica after years spent apart, only to realize that Monica refuses to date because she secretly had a crush on him, and Larry tries to hint he likes her too without explicitly saying it due to his shyness, rather than a story about Larry getting with Monica in chapter 1, then Monica brings in her sister for some fun in chapter 2, then the neighbor Sarah with a foot fetish comes over in chapter 3, then Jessica from the next town with E cups joins in randomly in chapter 4, then Cleopatra comes thanks to a time machine and she’s really into public sex in chapter 5.

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