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#389240 - I pushed in about 3 inches and my sister said That feels good - ooohh - ouch - slow down that hurts - ooohhh that is owwwwww! and my cock had hit her hymen and I pushed harder and something seemed to give way and she shrieked You fucker that hurts - goddammit - that hurts - ooohhhhh - that's better - please fuck me Georgie - make me feel good again Georgie - make me feel good I pumped her cunt slowly and deliberately and began to fill her completely and my cock seemed to hit bottom and she grabbed my shoulders and sunk her nails into my skin and said That is the bottom Georgie, you feel so good in me - please fuck me harder - harder - faster I did as she asked and pumped her with all my might and speed. I was 12 and my sister, Annie was 10 and was just beginning to bud tits. She was building to what may have been her first climax and I was doing it to her.

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