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#359534 - I put my head towards Stacey’s tits and licked the cum from them whilst teasing her nipples, then my lips met hers and we shared a passionate kiss, sloshing Claire’s cum between our mouths. I grabbed a blob of lube and smeared it around Claire’s asshole, pushing it in with my finger, she took my mothers dildo and pushed it into her cunt, after she motioned it in and out for a minute she pulled it out, her juice on it glistened in the light and she slowly placed the end on her sisters asshole, it was only about a half inch thick so there was still pleasure for her to have from me. I could see her cunt clearly which made my cock start to harden, I noticed that she had noticed where I was looking and she quickly closed her legs tightly and gave me a sharp look, then she said in a soft voice, “you’ve seen mine…….

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