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#323013 - About 10 mins later, Helen said she needs to wee, and asks if I can stop, a moment later we pull into a service station (Gas Station or Petrol station for international readers) I get a bottle of coke while she is in the loo (toilets) Im sitting in the car waiting, as mid July it is cold She gets back in the car and we start off again, after a couple of min we are getting close to her place, she tells me to pull into the park on the corner, which i do. Also, this is my first writing, and I have tried to proof read it for spelling and grammar, however some dialogue is how it was The Family part 1 It all started back in 1994 I met this girl Helen, at a night club, she was short at 5 ft 1 (155cm) she was sitting at bar looking lonely, so I went up and asked if she wanted a drink or to dance, She said both, so we order vodka and cokes each, she tells me her name is Helen, and I introduced myself as Nathan So after the next ten minutes we have our drinks and go to dance floor, we

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