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#365193 - we continue kissing impaling her mouth with my tongue and playing with hers at the same time, by them her robe was partially open, letting me take a partial peek at her naked tits and awesome hard nipples that I manage to play with my left hand while caressing her ass, her back very softly, and when my fingers touched her pussy that was starting to get wet, she pushed me back and say that it was wrong, that it was better for me to leave, with her robe on the floor wearing just her panties covering her breast with her hands, she was very nervous shivering a bit still I shook my head with a smile so that she understood it wasn't going to happen. All this while we were at the entrance of her apartment, and it was just fine with me, it was just as good a place as any, but she wanted us to go else where, willingly she held my hand and turned in the direction of her living room, a nice big couch was there I had been there many times before drinking, watching games with her husband, but

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Da qiao
Cuando se lo mete parado los dos ufff
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Wanna hook up
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