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#194280 - With a smile on her lips she goes down and starts licking and sucking my cock I’m bad Horney so it doesn’t take long to blow a load in her mouth the dammed little girl ain’t bad at sucking cock just needs more practice so I slid her over and pull the gasoline jar out and grease her little fuck hole up and most of my cock to then I pick her up and have her guide my cock in her fuck hole I’m taking it slow in a lil bit out a lil bit and I keep it up for about 8 up and down slide then I pull her down hard and the head of my cock is kissing her womb opening her mouth is open and she says “OH FUCK“ your big she has a couple tears in her eyes I lean forward and kiss her cheek and say congrats you’re not a virgin anymore and your now my fuck toy with that I start fucking her slow and building up speed until she starts quivering and shaking and about to scream then I cover her mouth with a rag so no one will hear seer scream as I’m blowing a load in her pussy there’s so much pressure it’s squi

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