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#284338 - Since giving birth all the girls had turned off sex for a while (including my wife) which surprised me, leaving only my loving daughter to enjoy the “rigid post” that continued to stand up for her, she asked the damnedest questions, always leaving me left footed, she tried anal, (which she was not sure about, but she did come multiple times), but after asking me about many different idea’s she found her addictive sexual position and timing. Some thirteen months later all the babies had come into the world, I had hoped a few boys would have been in the mix, no such luck, but all the births were natural and without incident, but seven girls, Grace gave birth to Marion, Sophia to Claudette, Carmen to Janet, Janice to Brigit, Rosemary to Edwina, Laura to Sharon and Danielle to Jean, I was out numbered completely as I now had fifteen women in the house. It seemed like a moment had passed and suddenly Louise was sixteen and the babes were all three and four, all the girls were back to en

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