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#361431 - She told us that she had just started her period and that she always used towels so I told her to go and get a box of Tampons, get rid of the towel insert a Tampon and make sure that the string from the Tampon is really hanging down so that I can see it, she did all of that then came back to our table again and sat down with her legs spread as far apart as she could, but I told Sheena to go with Shona and use the little scissors she always carries with her and go to the toilet together and shorten her dress and remove the sleeves, so they got up and went to the loo and Sheena cut almost three feet off the length of the dress after which it was almost at the tops of her thighs (almost level with her pussy) and when they came back to our table again Shona sat down (with her dress lifted at the back so she was sitting bare arsed and with her legs wide open and the soles of her feet placed together on her seat too, then I could see her Tampon string hanging down amidst her really bushy pus

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Asahina daikichi
But would you like to join the brotherhood and be a scribe
What is the name of the girl